“Fantastic optometrist. I had issues with finding the perfect brand and specifics of contact lens, and after sometime Dr. Bloomingcamp got it PERFECT! She was patient to slowly narrow down using process of elimination the best lens for me. Everyone should go to her!”
-Sanjit M.

“The best.

Super thorough, treats you like a human being, explains what they are doing and why, and answers questions with ease and care.

I’ve had corrective lenses since first grade, contacts since I was a teen, and am now of the age where progressives are a necessity. I’ve been to many eye professionals. They really are the best.

I read through the negative reviews and I’ve never had an experience like that, here, and neither has anyone I’ve personally referred. Whatever those problems resulted from, they’ve apparently been resolved.”
-Linda R.

“I had a great experience getting a new pair of glasses from here! Dr. Bloomingcamp was extremely thorough, patient, and listened to all of my concerns and preferences in selecting a new pair of frames. We must have gone through about half the inventory in her store before finding the perfect pair! Throughout the process, I never felt rushed or that I should settle for anything other than the best frame I could find. I had lots of questions about different frame and lens options, and Dr. Bloomingcamp answered everything in a knowledgeable and informative way. When I went to pick up my glasses, she spent ~20 minutes manually adjusting my frames to make sure I had the perfect fit. Highly recommended if you are looking for new glasses in Livermore!”
-Weiyi G.

“The best in Livermore! Both my daughter and I needed glasses and the experience was awesome. Dr. B took the time to help pick out the best one that would compliment our face. She really takes her time and goes over ALL our options.”
-Rachel B.

“I have been wearing contacts and glasses since I was a teenager. In all my years getting examined by a variety of eye doctors, I have never encountered a doctor more diligent, caring and thorough as Dr. Bloomingcamp. From my initial visit, she did a very complete eye examination, never settling for inconsistent results. I wanted contacts, but wasn’t sure which type. She told me that hard contact lenses were uncomfortable at first, but with time would get more comfortable. She was right. Whenever I had an issue, I was able to make a quick appointment and her staff is very accommodating. Other doctors have always pushed soft contact lenses on me, even though I couldn’t see very well with them. Dr. Bloomingcamp explained what my options were and reasons why certain contact lenses didn’t work for my type of prescription. She always made sure to check and re-check, so the fit and numbers came out perfect. I referred my husband to her and we will continue visiting her even when our family grows.

I also purchased glasses from her. Her staff was very helpful in picking out a stylish design for my skin color and face shape. And, with insurance, her prices are very comparable to other strip mall type glasses retailers.”
-Alia K.

“This year marks my second year seeing Dr. Boe at this office. I can not say enough good things about the office. Dr. Boe is so friendly and really knows what she is doing. I am extremely near sighted and she consistently is able to get my contact lens prescription perfectly. She also discovered that I am a little bit near sighted and has been able to prescribe computer/reading glasses to help eliminate eye fatigue and headaches after a long day at work.

The ladies working the front desk are also fabulous. They are great about scheduling appointments that work for my schedule and are very prompt and knowledgeable when it comes to discussing my eye insurance. If you’re looking for a new eye doctor, don’t walk–run to Bloomingcamp Optometry and ask for an appointment with Dr. Boe–she rocks!

P.S. It doesn’t hurt that the office is in an old home that is in perfect condition right across from a large park!!!”
-Neva W.

“30 years old, haven’t had my eyes checked since I was a little kid. Now a corporate employee who spends way too much time driving and sitting in front of a computer screen, I’ve had trouble lately with dry, tired eyes. The Dr. here recommended some great eye drops for me and worked with my insurance to get me my first pair of glasses for well under $100. My eyes are feeling much better now! Thanks to all the staff here!”
Karl C.

“I am thankful I searched the internet for a local eye doctor and found Dr. Bloomingcamp.

She was very personable, friendly, helped me feel comfortable and relaxed (eye exams are not top on my list of fun things to do, I get very nervous) and it was a relief to know she performed all the testing and she even came to check on me when I was deciding on frames.

I am not covered by insurance and it was a relief to know the cost was not over the top considering the personal attention I received.”
-S M.

“It has been a year since I have been to Bloomingcamp but Im still so excited so I decided to write a review.

First, I found the optometrist through YELP! The receptionist is wonderful, the doctor is wonderful, and the selection & prices are wonderful. i have never been to an eye doctor, or any doctor for that matter that was so personable! They are very thorough & did tests I had never even heard of or seen. i have to admit I was impressed & I really felt taken care of!

As a side note I have run into the doctor in town and she is just as nice!”
-Amy M.

“This is the best Optometry office I’ve ever been to. The service is so personal, everyone in the office, including Dr. Bloomincamp, is very friendly and helpful. They treat you like family.

One of the things I really like about Dr. Bloomingcamp is that she is very thorough and as she’s going through your exam, she explains what she’s doing and why.

They have a great selection of frames and their prices are very competitive.

I whole heratedly recommend Bloomingcamp Optometry!”
-Susan H.

“I had my first visit with Dr. Bloomingcamp yesterday and was very pleased with the service! She was very thorough and explained to me why she was doing what she was. She also made me feel very comfortable. Once the check up was complete, I was surprised to find that both the Docter and Jacki were very helpful in helping me pick my frames. They had a wide selection and were very helpful in narrowing it down to just one. I chose to go here because of the reviews I read here on yelp and I’m so glad I did. I highly recommend this office!”
-Heather T.

“What can I say that hasn’t been already said about this wonderful optometry office? Nothing, the office is homey and comfortable, the staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

Dr. Bloomingcamp is a star. She is friendly, caring and thorough. I am blind as a bat and we worked on getting the best type of material for my coke bottle sized prescription possible. She even sent back a pair because after trying them out they weren’t right. Yeah, she wasn’t dismissive and say “oh, you’ll get used to them”, she checked up on me and when I wasn’t crazy about the correction I received she rechecked the prescription and the grinding of the lenses and found an error the grinder had made. She worked me with me to get the best lenses possible.

She also knows her contact lenses, she helped my daughter, who has a scar on her cornea to find the best type of contact lenses for her eyes.

So, if you want a quality, ultra-competent and friendly optometrist do yourself a favour and make an appointment with Dr. Bloomingcamp.”
-L P.