More than 37 million Americans wear contact lenses; however, many of these people are unfamiliar with gas permeable lenses and the many benefits they can offer. In 2012, about 9% of all lenses came from gas permeable lenses. Gas permeable lenses are also known as GPs or RGPs. Here at Bloomcamp Optometry, we are proud to assist patients in Livermore, California with gas permeable lenses.

Gas permeable lenses are made of a firm and durable plastic that is able to transmit oxygen. These contacts are healthy for your eyes because they do not contain water like soft lenses do. They also resist deposits and are less likely than soft contacts to attract bacteria.

Many people love how clean gas permeable lenses are and how they disinfect easily. Patients also enjoy how they don’t dehydrate, are easy to handle, and last longer than soft lenses. Gas permeable lenses will even last longer than traditional lenses.

Gas permeable lenses are custom made for each individual. We understand that your eyes are unique and look forward to creating lenses that will help you in every way possible. During your appointment, Dr. Bloomcamp will measure the exact shape of your cornea and prescribe lenses with curvature, size, and corrective power.

Dr. Bloomcamp and the entire staff at Bloomcamp Optometry will work hard to ensure that your lenses are comfortable for you. We will be happy to sit down with you and discuss your options and answer any questions that you have about gas permeable lenses.

Our office is located in Livermore, California. You can enjoy bringing your bikes to Arroyo Bike Trail after you receive your gas permeable lenses that is located only one mile from our office.

To schedule an appointment, contact us today at (925) 454-1598. We look forward to assisting you!